Success Stories
Ravi Suchak
Ravi Suchak

Hello, I am Ravi Suchak, a student of St. Catherine of Siena school and orphanage. I have studied here for the past 12 years. I did my 12th standard and now pursuing my Final Year B Com. I've been able to study this far because of the support from St. Catherine of Siena school and orphanage. I learnt many things from St. Catherine's school, like how to take responsibility, learn art and craft, cook food, etc. Currently, I am not staying at St. Catherine, but still visit the orphanage and get involved in activities like dance, music and other events.

Sachin Poojari
Sachin Poojari

Hi! My name is Sachin Poojari. I am an ex-student of St. Catherine of Siena School. I came to St. Catherine's when I was 8 years old. and Currently I don't live there but go to help out in all the activities. I did my primary schooling with St. Catherine's and completed my high school and Jr College at Fr. Agnel's. At present, I am doing my final year B Sc at R.D National College. I work part time and I stay in a rented house with my mom and brother. St. Catherine has always been supportive in taking good care of me and my studies. I also got to learn about drawing, dancing, playing guitar, and also how to discipline myself. St. Catherine has helped all of us by supporting our studies so that we succeed in the Project Age 22.

Navita Minz
Navita Minz

Hi I'm Navita Minz. I am studying Final Year BA at St. Andrews College. St. Catherine has always supported my financial needs like college fees, books and dance training. At St. Catherine, many children learn dancing as a hobby and some of them have made successful career in dancing. I also want to opt for dancing as my career.

Jayshree Chatri

My name is Jayshree. I study in 12th standard (SYJC), Commerce. I have been with St. Catherine's shelter home since the last 12 years. During this time, St. Catherine has helped in fulfilling my dreams. I completed my primary education at St. Catherine, who later supported my secondary studies which I completed in Kharghar. Currently, St.Catherine has been paying the fees for my college. Apart from studies, St. Catherine has also helped me to nurture my hobby in dancing.

Madhavi Koli

I have been with St Catherine for a long time. It's my home where I understood the importance of education and how to improve my skills in dancing and sports. I studied from 1st to 4th standard at St Catherine and doing my 12th standard at St. Andrew's college. I also help out in handling one of the Kindergarten classes at St. Catherine School for which I earn some pocket money too. I am very lucky and thankful to God for being a member of St. Catherine Siena School family.

Aarti Kanu

Hi everybody, this is Aarti Kanu. I first came to St. Catherine when I was 7 years old. In the beginning I use to miss my family a lot but soon St Catherine made me feel at home. The teachers, sisters, brothers and all my friends helped me change in becoming a better person. It was here that I learnt to share, care, give and forgive. They provided me with the opportunity to tap my talent and believe in myself. I take this opportunity, to thank everyone at St Catherine, for making our life beautiful, meaningful and our dreams come true,. They have always been there by encouraging all of us to do our best and move forward!

Ravi Gavai

I believe that 'God has a plan for each of us.' When I first came to Mumbai, I had nothing except dream to achieve a good career. At St. Catherine's shelter home, I not only got food and shelter, but also an atmosphere that encourages education and provides the right facilities. For me it is not just a school but a place where I can learn about values and good qualities of life. St. Catherine gave me confidence and faith to fulfill my dreams. I chose a career in social work. Today, I work at St. Catherine as a social worker and use this opportunity to serve and learn more things about life. Thank you to everyone at St. Catherine.

Pallavi Barse

Hello, my name is Pallavi Barse and I am really very glad to be part of St. Catherine. I grew here from 4 to 20 year old. I have experienced and learned many things from St. Catherine. It is just like my second home. The first thing I learnt was to care and share. All of us are given opportunities to excel in our talents. I got a chance to act in the very first production of 'Surf Excel' and was chosen to do the leading role. I would like to thank everyone for this achievement. Finally, I'd like to thank all staff, who taught us many interesting lessons like making useful things out of waste materials and showing them to everyone who appreciated it.

Ridyani Rathod

St Catherine of Siena is my home since childhood in 1996. St Catherine provided education and taught me activities like art and craft, drawing, painting and dancing. I was looked after by Sr. Dominic who is like a mother to all of us. Fr. Anthony had taught us to be disciplined and earn happiness by learning to make everyone around us happy through love and care. The most important thing was to thank God and remember all those who help us in our daily prayers. I follow this advice everyday in my life. After leaving St Catherine, I joined Mount Mary convent and completed SSC and later joined Viva College in Virar. My mother was not able to support my college, but St. Catherine helped further my studies, and now I am doing my Second Year B Com. I feel glad to be an ex-student of St Catherine, and whenever there is event at St. Catherine's, I make it a point to be there and help out in making arrangements.