Make a Donation

From time to time we require a few thing in order to support the overall functioning and provide our children at St Catherines. We are in constant need of the following things. You can show your support by contributing any of the following items by personally drop in at our school or sending them to us as properly packed parcels. You can also choose to courier or snail mail us to our postal address

Educational Material:-
New School Bags
New Uniforms
New school Sandals
100 Pages Note Books
Pencils & Erasers
Crayons, Clay
Educational Toys
Drawing Books

Rice (stoneless), Pulses Oil, Sugar, Milk, Biscuits
Vegetables, Fruits, Chicken Meat

Paracetamol Syrup, Cough Syrup
Dettol, Lice Medicine, Cotton, Band-aids

Bath Soap
Cloth Washing Soap
Cloth Washing Powder
Tooth Paste
Tooth Brush
Coconut Oil for Hair

Orphanage Needs:-
Bedsheets Single
Bath Towels
Inner Garments
House Dresses
Sports Colours

Building Repairs:-
Material and Labour Support to maintain the two, four Storied Buildings