1) Happy Feet - Arts Based Counseling Project
Background: St. Catherine of Siena School and the Orphanage that is run by "Welfare Society for Destitute Children" is a home to a number of underprivileged children. The age range of the children is from 5-18 years, both boys and girls. Happy Feet Project was initiated in the year 2006
with the Terrence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company. It has successfully completed its fifth year. This project has been possible with the constant support and funding from M/s. Siemens Limited and Sunshine Kids International. Since its inception, it continues in achieving many remedial and therapeutic goals through the Happy Feet project.

Why Dance? Rejection, anger, death, ailments have taken a toll on the young body of the children with deeper impacts on their body-mind-spirit level. Dance acts as a medium for children to come out from these negativities and lead them to a new and fresh learning experience through its accompanying emotions.
"We dance when we are sad; we dance when we are angry, when we are happy. The body is used in every expression of emotion." – Makgathi Mokena (Fulbright Scholar, Learning dance Therapy).

Capoeira: Capoeira is a south-American dance form. It is a blend of dance, martial art, song and music. It has been a great ventilation avenue for the high energy which children carry with them from the street life. Through active participation in capoeira, students were able to find a better control mechanism.

Counseling: Quality Counseling helps children from difficult background to prepare themselves for school, to get them adjusted to the new challenges, and to replace the unhealthy way of street living with better standard of living. This helps children to prepare themselves to face the demanding and competitive social set up with better education that helps them to live a better life. All students and staff are provided counseling under this project.

Life Skill Sessions: Life Skill sessions are conducted to introduce the children to topics of hygiene, behaviour, communication, study skills and time management. These are conducted to prepare the child for better quality living.

Artsbased Therapy
Arts-Based Therapy: Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) is defined as the alternative action. Evidence-based use of art forms (music, drama, visual arts) helps to accomplish individual goals in a therapeutic relationship. Using their skills in evaluation and psychotherapy, art based therapy practitioners choose materials and interventions appropriate to the children's needs and design sessions to achieve the required results. Art based therapy practitioners use the creative process to help children increase insight & judgment, cope better with stress, work through traumatic experiences, increase cognitive abilities, have better relationships with family & friends, and to be able to enjoy the life-affirming pleasures.
2) Happy Home - Project for Street Families
The Happy Home deals with parents of children and their rehabilitation so that the child is well placed within the home set up. It tries to find out a solution for the problems of the parents through special sessions on Sundays.
Dance: Dance classes are conducted on all Sundays from 5 pm to 6 pm.
Counseling & Life skill sessions: Sessions are conducted on all Sundays from 3 to 4pm
3) Recreational Activities
Recreational Activities
Many recreational activities are introduced to expose children to the world outside the orphanage's boundaries.

Sports & Sports Workshops: Sports (especially Football) has been an excellent recreational medium for children in the orphanage. They have been crowned as inter school champions defeating many well established schools in the city. Sports education has brought many hidden qualities among children. A summer sports workshop of two weeks is conducted once in a year. Even kids from the nearby slums join the workshop.

School Picnic & Educational Trips: Fun-cum-education related trips are organised for children through this program. It includes visits to Zoo, Aquarium, Nature Park, National Park, prominent cultural and eco-friendly agri/aqua development places.

Summer Residential Camps: This camp is organised for the children who are in the orphanage. It aims to create awareness about the environment. Important activities such as nature studies, nature trails, night sky gazing, trekking, rappelling are conducted during these camps.