What We Do

St. Catherine of Siena Pre-Primary School: Our Pre-primary school follows the Montessori school pattern that allows the students to learn and express through various activities. Majority of the students in this school are over-aged and were into hard-labor. Hence, they had not been in a healthy atmosphere, which is essential for good and quality learning.

siena primary
St. Catherine of Siena Primary School: The first generation learners always have a big problem to get admission in the schools since they come from illiterate and sub-standard backgrounds with behavioral problems. These problems are associated with their physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. Hence, St. Catherine of Siena School acts as a special school where the children get academic as well as behavioral lessons. The school plays the role as a friend to these children encouraging them to enjoy the activities and expresses their love instead of the normal hatred feeling. All school expenses associated to teachers' salary, uniforms, books, pencils, crayons for children, conducting of outdoor activities and excursions like school picnics, sports day, educational trips are all managed and organised through valuable contribution from both corporate and individual donors. The school is recognised by BMC and we follow the SSC curriculum.

St. Catherine of Siena Education Extension Project at Koperkairane for Boys: This project aims to help boys, who have passed 4th standard in St. Catherine and want to pursue further studies. While students stay in the orphanages / shelters, they study in the nearby schools through regular or NIOS patterns. Other than schooling, students participate in Art and Craft, Personality Development, Capoeira and Dance and Yoga. We also conduct Counseling and Life Skill Sessions. Mentoring programs in Painting, Science, Maths, Computers, and Spoken English are conducted on weekends. Social workers and the guardians visit the school once a month. This project is supported by M/s. Siemens AG.

St. Catherine of Siena Education Extension Project at Bandra for Girls: This project aims to help girls, who have passed 4th standard at St. Catherine and want to pursue further studies. The educational expenses are supported by M/s. Siemens Limited.

Educational Scholarship Fund: The main aim of this fund is to have continuity of education after receiving primary education at St. Catherine till the age of 18. It also helps children to achieve the milestones that has been set as:
1) To pass 10th standard at the age of 16
2) To pass the 12th standard at the age of 18.
The educational expenses from standard 5 to 12th will be covered under this project. Through this project, many students continue their studies even from home and are actively monitored by Social Workers.

project age 22
Project AGE 22: Education at St. Catherine of Siena School is the primary goal once a child is admitted in the orphanage. All basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and counseling are provided to help them focus in completing basic education successfully. It is observed that though many students come from illiterate backgrounds and families, once they are given a chance to get educated, they open up to wanting to be achiever. We further encourage them in pursuing higher education from regular, technical & professional colleges. The Project AGE 22 helps a student to achieve his /her academic or professional goal with long term support from the orphanage. All students who want to study and complete their higher education are encouraged to apply along with their parents / guardians' consent.

There are many students who score very high in their 10th & 12th standard board exams, but are not able to continue their studies after 18 years of age. Initiating this project has brought about immense hope, smiles, focus and a whole new meaning to their future. At the same time, it becomes a big responsibility for the orphanage to continue funding their higher studies. With this project, we can assure that the child's education results in better employment, better living and ensure these role models inspire other kids.

JO-20+ (Job Oriented program for the 20+): This program is specially designed for adults who are atleast 20 years and who have atleast passed their VIII standard and above but do not have the inclination, desire or aptitude to continue their academic life further. To ensure that their future is also secured and nurtured fruitfully, the program creates opportunities for them to learn a trade that will create better future and mould them into responsible adults.